Tapping into Your Creativity in Education


These questions entered my mind recently when I thought about different times in my teaching and coaching when I tapped into my creativity.

Sometimes it was when I was in collaboration with other educators and together we created learning experiences with students that was just 🔥! Sometimes it was in the shower when I thought of another way to teach a lesson to students and I adjusted my lesson which often ended up with me getting to work pumped to make the adjustments I needed to make! 🤪

Other times, it was with other coaches when we created experiences for teachers that helped to promote growth and increase their creativity within their teaching.

Annnnd other times it was meeting with admin and other leaders of the school that ignited creativity within the school community!

So question, what does that look like for you? When have you felt moments of creativity in your educational area? How did that feel? When did it happen?

Have an amazing day!

Much love!
Nita, LTB 🤟🏽

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