LTB Speaking Engagements/Conferences

To find out more about these speaking engagements and Nita presenting, click the pictures for the links!

Check out Michael Creekmore and myself for a FREE ASCD webinar on May 17th at 3:00 pm ET!
About the webinar:
This school year has been uniquely challenging for everyone and most of us are happy to put it in our rearview mirror. As educators gear up to enjoy their much-needed and well-deserved summer break, Michael and Nita Creekmore will provide strategies for how you can end the year strong with current students’ families and begin forming relationships with families of incoming students over the summer. You will also learn how to plant seeds of connection with students and families that can bloom throughout the school year.
At the GYTO Conference in Orlando, Nita will discuss various ways to coach teachers up in order to create change in your educational environments! Nita will provide a hands-on session grounded in research and embedded with joy! Dates are June 26-29, 2022!
I’m coming to y’all again this summer with The Simply Coaching Summer Summit! It’s hard to believe this is now the 3rd year of being part of this summit! Click the picture to find out more!
My session all about Building Authentic Relationships with Teachers which we know is the foundation.