Word of the Year

My Word for 2023 is… C R E A T I V E

It took me a few weeks to decide on my word for 2023. I wanted it to be a word I could live in every aspect of my life.

I wanted it to be a word I am intentionally living into in the personal, professional, mental and spiritual areas of my life.

As I was doing my self-work, I began thinking about my need to slow down. Not just in my calendar or my schedule, but within my mind. One way that I slow down and I focus and “zone-in” is when I am being creative-when I am thinking through my creative process. That’s when I notice I slow down and breathe slowly. Move intentionally.

But ☝🏽, it doesn’t have to be a deep and huge process, it’s when I’m thinking of things in life differently and outside the box. My creativity doesn’t have to be a lavish and a huge thing in 2023.

I’m so excited to dig into ways I want to live my word and I am excited about my journey!

Ready for 2023! Are you? What’s your word?

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