The Best Gift…

The best gift I was given was not under the tree. (Although I’m appreciative of all of those 👏🏽🥲🙏🏽) It was being able to spend time with my family (even through phone calls and text with my family afar).

The holidays aren’t always the easiest time. Yup, I’ve been going to therapy to help with that. (Shoutout to my therapist 🤟🏽) But in the midst, I choose joy and being present in the moment.

Yesterday was the moments of excitement, the quiet, the laughter, the breaks (48% introvert over here 🤚🏽) and even naps. I took two naps yesterday—who even am !?!?

It’s those moments that you capture, take in and hold on to. Here’s some things that really brought me joy:

Getting up early, seeing the lights on the tree , cooking for my family, seeing them eat and eat, watching basketball—a lot of basketball, playing Pictionary and What’s the Meme? , relaxing and being here now—in the present moment.

What were some moments of yesterday that joy peaked through?

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