Are You Crushing Your Goals?

This is my it’s okay, Nita face. 😜 I had some unrealistic goals set for myself yesterday. I wanted to finish 20 feedback forms for teachers in 4 hours. 🙂🙃

If you haven’t been watching my stories here’s the deal. I’ve been training part of last year and all this year on the F&P Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) which is a running record, along with assessment of fluency, reading rate, comprehension , etc. We have practiced with kiddos and I’ve gone in some classrooms with teachers & students and coached alongside them as well.

Now I’m giving some feedback on the forms completed at first glance as if I’m next years teacher opening up the folder and getting them. I had a lofty goal. BUT It wasn’t very S. M. A. R. T. 😜😂

S-Specific ✔️ I was very specific in my goal setting.

M-Measurable ✔️ Yup. I had my feedback forms and the number of teachers I completed and didn’t. 🤷🏽‍♀️

A-Attainable ❓Now here come the question mark. There are times when I’m juggling a few balls in the air. I had to prioritize and I had to push the pause button on the forms to juggle something else that took precedence. Not that one was more important than the other, but I had to prioritize. That happens. 👍🏽

R-Relevant ✔️ Most definitely relevant. However, if I want the feedback to be meaningful and helpful to teachers, I have to slow down a bit and take my time to provide meaningful feedback for them to take away with. Not just a rush job. Feel me?

T-Time-Based 🧐 I definitely had a deadline, however, it had to be altered because it wasn’t realistic. It was a lofty goal, but not realistic with everything else I had going on.

Lesson here is this:
Make your goals. Set them. But many, many times we have to readjust, replan, think through it again, & alter them—and that is OKAY. Give yourself GRACE, adjust your goals—then CRUSH them—CRUSH them MEANINGFULLY! 🙌🏽

You got this!

-LTB 💕

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