Teaching Writing in Small Groups Book Study!

Call me cray cray 😜! The teachers at my school know I can be a little cray cray about my passion—teaching, learning and coaching. But it’s all good! I 💜 what I do!

One of my many joys in education is hosting an annual book study at my school. I pull out the bells and whistles for this because:

🐝 I get excited about being in community with mixed grade levels & specialized jobs at our school. We don’t get that chance often.

🐝 I 💜 learning and growing together in community.

🐝 It’s optional AND it’s after school. So teachers choose to learn more even on their own time. However, there is NEVER any judgment if teachers opt out. That is their business and they have worked hard during their work day (even pre-COVID). I get it. Saying no is a full sentence. I respect that.

🐝 So I live for a good room transformation from time to time. So I’m excited to do a mini-book study transformation with a few snacks, lots of chocolate and soda, juice and water. I mean what is a book study with those items?

I’m pumped. The theme is sweet as honey 🍯 to go along with the bee/honeycomb theme 🐝 of this book by @jenniferserravallo! We are ready!

🍯 Plus, this book has a book study guide that goes with the book created by Molly Wood who is on @jenniferserravallo ‘s team. She’s awesome and the study guide provides deep thought and discussion that s can an help with the study. I usually have to create my own. I will link it in my stories in case you are interested. 🐝

-LTB 🖤🐝🍯

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