Let’s Celebrate Mother Earth!

Earth Day is coming up this week on April 22nd. 🌍

Awesome & diverse read alouds!

One thing I made sure of when I was teaching in the classroom when Earth Day rolled around was to get outside. (If Mother Earth 🌍 would allow it!) Being outside allowed to truly honor and celebrate the Earth (although we did go outside often 🤪)

We planted seeds, read books about taking care of the Earth, we wrote about plants and the Earth, we even buddy read outside too!

Oh and I can’t forget our yummy snack to celebrate the Earth 🌍! We made dirt!

What you need to make Dirt:

⭐️ Oreos
⭐️ Chocolate Pudding
⭐️ Vanilla pudding
⭐️ Gummy Worms
⭐️ Ziploc bags (to crush the Oreos. Let the kids do it with 3-4 Oreos per bag! Make sure the bag is zipped tight. Let them bang away!)
⭐️Clear plastic cups
⭐️ Layer with Oreos, chocolate pudding, Oreos, vanilla, repeat. Top with gummy worms 🐛

*If you’re digital, email the list home OR make kits for your kiddos to pick up to do it with you online. Read your read alouds outside. Teach outside if Mother Earth cooperates! 🌍

Have fun teaching and watching kids learn!

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