Happy Numbers makes me Happy!

Happy Numbers is a mathematical is a supplemental curriculum that helps to build and teach mathematical skills to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. You can use it in small groups, during math lessons, at home learning or also in a virtual setting. Due to the fact that I am an Instructional Coach and not “officially” in the classroom, I love Happy Numbers for my 7-year-old daughter! I have also shared this math supplement to teachers. Some of the teachers at my school have tried it with their classes and the students love it. The teachers love it because the kids are having fun. Teachers can walk around and hold math conferences with the students as needed.

My First Grader loves Happy Numbers because it’s fun, engaging and she loves the vibrance of the program!

The Set Up

The set up for Happy Numbers was simple, easy and manageable. I went to Happy Numbers and created a class. I added students to my class, and I could even add parent emails. The set up was easy to follow and quick. That is what teachers need right now. Teachers need quick, easy, fun, and effective. Happy Numbers is all of those things. It takes about approximately 15-20 minutes to set up the students in your classroom.


Happy Numbers has given my first grader a tool to engage in for math, it is rigorous and individualized. It has various math manipulatives embedded within the program. Happy Numbers also has amazing and fun math word problems that promote math thinking. You can see in the video below where my 7-year-old engages in math thinking. It is important to provide a variety of problems that vary from on the student’s level to a level that pushes them to engage in productive struggle. To increase engagement in the program there is also a gaming aspect embedded that students love! My 7-year-old is excited to practice math using Happy Numbers. She asks to get on it and she wants to play the math games. She does not even look at it as school work to do.

Our first grader absolutely loved this balancing game!
It was both rigorous and fun!

The Dashboard & Reports

The dashboard and downloadable reports are an important piece to Happy Numbers. I receive progress reports as her “teacher” and I have the option for parent reports as well! This would be a great tool to use to discuss progression and growth with students as well as with their families. It can also be used to create goals with students so they can also monitor their own learning as well! Happy Numbers is free for your class until the June 30, 2021! Try it out! Just sign up at my link and start using! It’s just that simple!

Check out the excitement below!

Our 7 year old experienced a healthy struggle with this math problem, she asked for help and then was able to complete another problem similar to the one she struggled with.

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