The Teacher I Would Want

This works at the jumpstart of reflection —AND it’s just a starting point. Because, not every parent/families needs are the same nor is every teacher’s needs the same (for coaches—swipe left). They may not want or need the same things. So how do we find out what their needs & wants are?

We ask.
We have conversation.
We discuss.
We engage.

For teachers—here are some questions to get started:

What do you need as a parent/family in supporting your child’s education ?
What does your student need?
How do they learn best?
What’s their favorite subject?
What is their least favorite subject?
Is there anything else you need me to know?

For coaches—here are some questions to get started:

What do you need from me as your coach?
What would be most helpful for you?
Have you ever worked with a coach before?
How can I improve?
What are some things that I do that are helpful to you?

These are just to start to conversation—but it helps in building relationships and taking them to another level.

Be blessed,

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