Why is she posting ice cream? 🍨

Yesterday after work, I was running around. Running to do kids stuff, ordering dinner, running to my appointment. Running. Running. Running. 👟

And I paused.⏸

I looked up and saw a Roll it Up ice cream spot and I parked. I parked illegally. 😂🤣 I got out. I took my time with my order. Which in case you’re wondering my order was Cotton Candy Ice Cream with whipped cream, coconut and graham cracker. (Sharing what I got for future use😂)

I then walked to my illegally parked vehicle, parked legally (don’t worry I’m not that hard core 😅) and I sat and ate every bit of my ice cream slowly. I didn’t think about anything, but just how delicious the ice cream was. Just how perfect the toppings fit the ice cream. It was heavenly. It was a moment of slowness and quietness that I needed.

Here is why I’m posting yummy ice cream:

—it’s okay to slow down and breathe

—it reminds yourself you’re human and you can’t do all the things AND that’s okay

—do what you need to do for you

—sometimes ice cream tastes better in a quiet car without the children (although you 💗 them dearly)

This post is not about the yummy ice cream. 😊🍨

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