Connecting with Students & Families while Distance Learning

Place a Call Home

While you are teaching from home, set aside a time to reach out to a couple of your student’s families each day! Make the phone call to check in on the families, talk to your student, and let them know you are still there for them from afar. A phone call goes a long way! Parents and your students remember that phone call.

Send a Postcard or Write a Letter

Send a postcard or letter to your student that shows them that they are still on your mind. Let them know that you are thinking of them and that you can’t wait to see them soon. Students love to get notes from their teachers. It does not matter the age of your students at all. When you send that note, it sticks with them and they cherish it.

Email your Parents and/or your Class

Send an email everyday, yes EVERYDAY to your parents and/or your class depending on the age of your students. This email is important and it let’s them know that learning is still happening and that you are available for them. Send an email telling them good morning! Give them some suggested activities of the day and give them an activity as a family to do together. (i.e. read a book together, play cards, play a board game, family coloring time, draw a picture together, watch a movie together, go outside and toss the ball, etc…)

Send a Video

I know. I know. Not everyone feels comfortable video taping themselves, but a 10 minute video shouldn’t be too hard. You could hold a virtual morning meeting, read aloud a book, do a quick mini-lesson, do a math problem that you know is problematic for your students, show a fun at-home science experiment. The options are endless! The point is that you are connecting with your students and they feel connected to you.

Send Positive Vibes

I’m a quote girl! I love sending quotes to teachers, friends, families, students, just about everyone. Whatever is your thing, send that vibe. If it is a song, a poem, an excerpt from a book, send positive vibes to your students and their families. One thing about sending positive vibes, somehow those vibes also can internally help you, the educator, as well. We need to make sure that we are not only breathing positivity into our students and families, but also into ourselves. It is important during this time for us to take care of ourselves, come together as a community, and do what we can–virtually. It is also pertinent that although we cannot be there with our students physically, that they know we are still there for them.

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