A School-Wide Book Nook

Yes! Super excited that we have a school-wide Book Nook. It’s called the Principal’s Book Nook, however, the coach (I am the coach) sets it up. The Book Nook can be the Principal’s, Vice Principal’s, Coach’s, or a Teacher’s! The purpose of a school-wide is that it allows our principal to connect with students, build student’s at-home libraries and promote literacy in our school. Building a love of reading is one of our school-wide literacy goals and the Principal Book Nook (the PBK) promotes that goal. Kids love it and look forward to it!

Where do the books come from?

The books come from First Book (a discounted book site) , Scholastic $1 books, and gently used books given by churches, teachers, community members. I sort the books based on level and they stay in bins. All you need to do is to reach out to people in the community though social media or email to ask for donations. I assure you if you reach out, it will come. If we never ask, we never know if it can happen!

Which students get the books?

The teachers choose students who could use more books at home. They choose different students each time. The first time we did this we had the teachers choose 2 students per class. The next time it was three. It just depends on how many books we have accumulated in order to give. Our goal is to get books in the hands of children and be able to add to their home libraries. Building a love of literacy and choosing different students each time is important. Just this past December we were able to provide every student in our school a book. This was only done with the help of our teachers, community members, and local churches. It was awesome!

Where do you house the Book Nook and when is it?

I put the Book Nook by the Principal’s Office. It’s important that whoever has the Book Nook that it is located by their space. The actual books stay in my room, however, when it’s time for the Book Nook, I bring the books to the location. The location has the Book Nook posters and is decorated nicely. The kids love this area and are always asking when the next one is happening!

We make sure the Book Nook happens at least 3 times a year. Our is to have it at least once each nine weeks. We are almost there! We want to build a love of reading and books and we feel that the Book Nook is a great way to do it!

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