Vooks: Ways to implement “the Netflix of Storybooks” into your PreK to 5th grade classrooms!

This post is sponsored by Vooks. All opinions are my own.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin was my 5-year-old’s first choice when I handed her my phone with the Vooks app installed. Her Kindergarten teacher had introduced her to the book, she read it to the class, they created an editable coconut tree and heard it on Vooks as well! So I wasn’t surprised when my little one choose this book first, it’s her favorite! She laughed, she danced and sang along. She did this all while the words were appearing on the iPhone screen!

What is Vooks?

Vooks is a streaming service that brings books to life with animation, read-a-long books and the story is being narrated for them. It is available on the web, on iOS and on Android apps as well. It has no ads and it’s safe for kids. Vooks is a great alternative to just playing games on devices. It’s Audio + Animation+ Books = Vooks!

As my youngest daughter was exploring Vooks, I began thinking about all of the amazing ways Vooks could be incorporated into the classroom environment. I guess it’s my Instructional Coach/”always a teacher” mind at work. I began to get excited about what a teacher in PreKindergarten-5th grade could do using Vooks in their classrooms with students.

Independent Reading/Tech Time

I saw from my own child that once Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was read to her by her teacher, it raised her excitement about choosing that particular book in Vooks. I began to ponder this while my little one was exploring. After she finished reading and listening to her favorite book she began searching for another book she recalled. She found it, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight. This is a book we had read before at bedtime numerous times. She recognized this book and wanted to hear it on Vooks! She loved seeing the book we had read “come to life”. So what does this mean for teachers and independent reading time for students? It helps to peak interest in your students especially if books have already been read aloud to them or your students have already read the books independently. 

Vooks can also increase reading engagement in a child when they choose a book that sparks their interest for the first time as they are searching in the Vooks library. My 5-year-old also found other books that she loved to read on Vooks as well! She was amazed by Bear Has a Story to Tell (which she had to get her teddy bear to listen with her to that one) and Giraffes Can’t Dance which she loved as well. One thing she asked is, “Mommy, can we get these books?”

The excitement that she felt while reading on Vooks spread to her wanting the book she just read to add to her home library as well! It is also important to ensure that kids have books in their hands. There is value in both audio and books in children’s hands. By using both, the teacher or parent is reaching a child’s love of reading in a variety of ways.

Let Vooks Read Aloud on the BIG Screen

Do you have a Smartboard or something similar in your classroom? You could project Vooks as a read aloud on the big screen for your students. It could be a preview to an activity, a discussion, a lesson, or a read aloud time. Vooks has grouped the books in topics like kindness, friendship, be kind, be brave, be creative, dream big and bedtime. This makes it easier for teachers or parents to find the topic they are looking to teach or discuss with their kiddos. Try getting the book as well so students can see the book in the teacher’s hand. This shows them that yes, it is a real book! Kids love that!

Go Ahead and Sign Up–It’s FREE!

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