Setting up my Space as an Instructional Coach

You’ve been given the job of a new coach and your excitement is now breeding anxiety. One thing I was nervous about was my room set up. Initially, I didn’t know where I was going to set up shop. So many unanswered questions were swimming around in my head. Overwhelmingly, I was granted a classroom. In the beginning as a coach, being a teacher for 13 years, I knew how to set up a space for children, but for teachers? I was stumped. 🧐 It wasn’t an office. It was a classroom with tons of open space and now 0 desks to fill it. I had to create a Professional Development Room where teachers felt comfortable, safe, learned and were ready to grow. I had to first pack up my old room quickly for the new teacher to have a space. Then I had to bring my things to my new school!

These pics were of my first days as an Instructional Coach.

After I set up my room, I switched out my desks for tables. I kept about 4 desks to place some items on and to use as a small group table supply table. I also began to think of colors I wanted to use to make my space bright and cheerful. The first place I went was The Dollar Store! I got plastic table cloths, containers, and cleaner. (Yes, I had to deep clean my room first before truly decorating it.) Some of the decorations came from Oriental Trading Company and Hobby Lobby on sale. I love a good sale! I picked cacti in the colors of black, white, pink and green. I think the colors are fun and inviting! Scroll below to see the video on my space! Feel free to comment to ask questions!

Here are some pics of my room during the year.

Video of my room!

Good luck in your role this year! I hope that your year is amazing and full of positive impact, growth and tons of learning!

2 thoughts on “Setting up my Space as an Instructional Coach

  1. Kasha Hayden says:

    Hey! I woke up this morning with a desire to FINALLY make my coaching office at my new school look more welcoming like my old one. Thank you for this. It’s what I was imagining with some added things I believe the teachers and my admin would love.

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