Black History Month

Today marks day ☝🏽 of Black History Month. I challenge you to honor Black History month that tells the true history of Black people AND honor the excellence. Honor the existence in before slavery. Honor the existence in spite of racism. Honor the excellence in spite of lack of recognition. Honor the history in spite of the bans, the erasure and the fictitiousness embedded within. This month is for all Black folks living, breathing, in their joyful, resilient, in spite of ways. This month is for our ancestors who paved the way in big and small, but mighty in spite of ways. It’s day ☝🏽 of Black History Month. Are you up for the challenge? 🖤🫶🏽

#blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #blackhistory365 #blackhistoryfacts #blackhistoryeveryday #blacklove #blackresilience #blackexcellence #blackfolks #blackisbeautiful #blacklikeme #imblack

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