Goal 4: Teaching Fluency

Goal 4: Teaching Fluency

Goal 4

In this section of the book, it discusses fluency. It is an important section because it is critical to know the parts of the goal reading fluency; phrasing, expression/intonation, emphasis, automaticity, and pace. All of these pieces fit together to equal adequate fluency when reading. So in this chapter you will get strategies that help you with ensuring that each of those pieces are in tact to equate a fluent reader.

My Top 3 Strategies:

Goal 4.17: Push Your Eyes

Push your eys

I love this strategy because as a child, I struggle with pushing my eyes “ahead of the line.” There I was a choppy reader. Laboring over each and every word. This stratedy teaches the kids to read in phrases rather than words. It teaches kiddos to move their eyes (during the pause) ahead of the line then read. So they are reading in one breath. It will take some practice, but it will help to build a more fluent reader.

Goal 4.14: Get Your Eyes Ahead of the Words

Get your eyes ahead of the word

This strategy is critical because it allows the brain to “preview what’s coming next.” It allows the students to increase their reading pace. This isn’t to intend that “reading faster” equals a fluent reader, but it is intended to help friends grab phrases in order to read smoother at a steady pace.

Goal 4.18: Partners Can Be Fluency Teachers

Partners can be fluency teachers

I love, love, love this strategy and I have used this sooo much in my previous classrooms. It is creating Fluency Partners/Coaches! The partners help by listening in and being a help to each other. The partners gives feedback, compliments, and prompts their partner to go back and reread as needed. Modeling. Modeling. Modeling would be extremely critical to ensure that partners are being a positive voice while working with each other.

I suggest you check out some of these strategies and try them in your classrooms.Signed

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