Goal 1: Supporting Pre-emergent & Emergent Readers

This is Week 2 of the The Reading Strategies Book study! If you haven’t read my previous post about the intro, go ahead and read it! If you have, great! Go ahead and read about Goal #1 & #2!

Goal 1: Supporting Pre-emergent &  Emergent Readers

I loved reading the introduction of this first goal! There are a few key thoughts that spoke to me before diving into the awesome strategies. This particular quote just kept repeating in my head throughout the entire chapter.

“No matter how children approach a book we can do a lot to support and nurture them as readers and thinkers during this important stage of reading development.” -page 21

Even though the students may not be able to “read” the words just yet, there are strategies that can be taught in order for them to continue to grow as readers and thinkers. It prepares them for the next stage of reading development. I believe this is so incredibly powerful when teaching pre-emergent and emergent readers.

Tip for teaching these strategies:

Serravallo also states on page 22, to be mindful of the language you use when teaching strategies and providing prompts. Be purposeful in your book choices (stories vs. nonfiction) when uses these strategies.

3 Favorite Strategies in Goal #1: 

Strategy 1.1- Be an Explorer Who Finds Treasures in Books

This goal is great to building stamina especially at the kinder level and beginning of first grade. It has the kiddos “take a trip inside a book” to find details/𝓓𝒆𝓽𝓪𝓲𝓵𝓼facts they wouldn’t have known. Having the students, “search for treasures” is an awesome way to begin those “pre-reading” skills they will need in the long run. I love this and I could see a teacher using this within the different stations in Daily 5 as well.

Strategy 1.9- Back Up, Revise

This particular goal is awesome for teaching pre-readers to monitor and infer! The students are telling the story and focusing on each detail they observe in the story on each page.  However, if they find that they tell the story incorrectly, this strategy teaches them to monitor and if they make a mistake to SELF-CORRECT! Yay! How powerful is that?!?

Strategy 1.18- Using a Teaching Voice

I love this strategy because it teaches nonfiction fluency! This strategy teaches kiddos to sound like they are teaching when they are “reading” across the pages. Love, love, love it! It also shows the kiddos the differences in genres. What a great way to model the difference in fluency within genres. ❤️


So although these are my top 3, Goal 1.8 Express the Emotions, was also great goal to build fluency. I found a video of Serravallo demonstrating a version of this strategy! Click on the link below:

Small group clip: Strategy-Character Feelings
These are my faves! I had a difficult time choosing my top 3. Now moving on to Goal #2. I will separate the goals in different posts. Happy reading! 😊


One thought on “Goal 1: Supporting Pre-emergent & Emergent Readers

  1. Donn Poll says:

    Beautiful lesson. Those emotions in the stories — so relevant to pre-readers — connect to the natural curiosity and creativity young students are so ready to share. This is where they learn to love learning… or not!

    Liked by 1 person

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