Professional Development 

This point in the summer, I am engulfing myself in hundreds of articles and books to help me in my new title. Instructional Coach. This wonderful book is my 2nd read. It’s a refresher read with new lenses. When I first read this book in my collaborative course, I never knew that one day soon I would have the title of an Instructional Coach. At that time I was a 5th grade teacher and my principal was looking to build capacity within the school. You never know where God will take you and what Professional Development/Training will be just what you need to move you to another level of your career. But that course is proving to be a blessing to me even more now in life. Thinking back, I am so grateful for all the Professional Development I’ve had. Truly. I know at the time when it’s being delivered…it can stink. All you can think about is what you have to do next…report cards, parent phone calls, grade papers, plan. Professional Development is just that…development of you as the professional. Now that I am looking through new lenses, I’m brainstorming of ways to make the Professional Learning feel beneficial real time rather than months later. I’m researching, learning, relearning and I’m now the sponge. 

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