I ❤️ ClassTag Because…

I ❤️ ClassTag because…

Parent & Family engagement is more important now than it ever has been before. With schools opening back up to students and families, as educators, we need to ensure that we are keeping our families in the loop. During the pandemic, families had no choice but to dig in often as the “co-teacher” in their student’s education. Due to this shift in education, parents got to know their child as a learner and they also got to know just how hard teachers have to work. This has allowed for the parent/teacher partnership to become even stronger than it ever has before. We want to keep that same energy. I ❤️ ClassTag because with them we can!

Use ClassTag to boost Family Engagement

ClassTag is a FREE app that connects teachers and families with one easy-to-use app for all communication needs! I ❤️ ClassTag because it knows the importance of building relationships with families through constant and consistent communication in an easy-to-use way! Teachers do not have a lot of time on their hands, especially with the previous year they have had. But they know and realize the importance of making time to communicate with their partners in education–the families of their students. With ClassTag, it allows for teachers and families to communicate in 60 different languages! That’s one of the many amazing parent engagement features. It’s perfect for connecting with families throughout the entire year.

Share Weekly Newsletters

I ❤️ ClassTag because teachers can send class messages sharing their weekly or monthly newsletters through ClassTag. Parents will be able to read and see what is happening in the classroom by the teacher sharing a newsletter through the ClassTag app! Newsletters allow parents/families to know what is being taught to their students. It also allows for parents to stay tuned into the day-to-day at school. ClassTag allows parents to respond or ask questions when the newsletter is posted and the teacher will be able to communicate promptly as well. This seemingly small communication piece helps to build connections and relationships with parents/families–the partners in education.

Share Learning In Action

I ❤️ ClassTag because teachers can also share videos of your class learning in action and photos of students learning! Especially with students being out of the building this past year, parents/families want to continue to be a part of all things education. With ClassTag you can continue that partnership! It allows teachers to continue to build a bridge with families. Using ClassTag to engage families in their child’s education helps to create and maintain that partnership. 

One Stop Shop for School Supplies

I ❤️ ClassTag because creating supply lists with your favorite brands is so simple and helps teachers throughout the year! It helps parents streamline their back-to-school shopping and get the exact supplies needed without overspending! It helps teachers to choose their favorite brands and it makes a difference because every purchase made by a parent will be rewarded with a donation to a children nonprofit! 

With ClassTag it allows for communication with parents/families to be done easily and seamlessly. We want to ensure that we continue to allow parents to be partners in education. I ❤️ ClassTag because they make building relationships and communicating with families easier.

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