The Wonders of LEGO®️ Education BricQ Motion

Who doesn’t remember growing up, building with LEGO Bricks and loving it?

So simple, yet so powerful. And nothing beats the creativity of building with LEGO. Not only does it allow students to create, it helps them to learn to collaborate, discuss, play and have fun while doing it.

LEGO Education creates educational products using LEGO bricks to teach a variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) concepts. LEGO® Education BricQ Motion is an amazing addition to their product line! It enables teachers and students to feel more confident in STEAM learning by removing digital barriers and teaching physical science through fun and engaging sports-themed lessons for grades K-8. The removal of the barriers is key in opening the world of STEAM to more students! Sometimes educators can be overwhelmed by the T in STEAM—-the technology/digital side. But BricQ Motion has removed that portion to focus on physical science.

BricQ Motion has an amazing lesson plan set, interactive worksheets and teacher/student videos that can be used along with students as they create and experiment with force, motion, and interaction! It’s so amazing to watch students creating while the teacher is the facilitator and guider.

During Holiday Break, three of my children ages 7, 15 and 13, worked together to build the BricQ MotionEssential basketball Free Throw model! They loved it. They collaborated, discussed, took turns and worked together to build. I was the thoughtful facilitator. It was great to see! As they were creating, it made me think of the variety of ways the LEGO®️ Education BricQ Motion could be used in the classroom! It is a wonderful asset to any classroom whether you are digital, hybrid or brick and mortar.

I know some educators may be thinking “how can this be done in a digital setting?” Students could have individual sets given to them and they can begin to build and create at home. While doing this they can write down the problems they encountered, why and how they think BricQ Motion creates motion, what could be added to the BricQ Motion model to make it different, or draw their BricQ Motion model in a comic strip as they create a story to go along with it to up the ante! In a live digital session, students could discuss their answers to these questions and share their comic strips—together.

Depending on your hybrid model, students could be grouped to build together, play and collaborate on the BricQ Motion assignment. Using the interactive worksheets, the students could answer the question sets, discuss and create stories to go along with their build. The students could also work to create the BricQ Motion build individually and still collaborate in discussion afterwards. The possibilities are endless with this LEGO®️ Education solution.

Play is powerful for students. I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the ultimate power of purposeful play with the LEGO®️ Education BricQ Motion Kit. “Play connects us to the world and to each other and offers limitless possibilities.” (Mraz, Porcelli, Tyler) Play allows students to question, think critically, create and wonder. It allows students to build. That is what BricQ Motion does for students who interact with it: create, interact, think critically, collaborate and wonder. All elements that build our muscles in the brain. What is more powerful than that? You can read more about LEGO®️ Education BricQ Motion here:

Play helps to build our brain muscles.

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